Spirals and Horizontl Connections


Spirals and Horizontal Connections is a long term project geared towards bringing together dance artists and researchers from the fields of art, science, philosophy and education, with the intention of exploring questions on knowledge and how it is acquired. We ask questions such as: What do dance and choreographic practices offer to the production and transmission of knowledge and how does it compare with other modalities of knowledge production? What does it entail to research something through movement?


The Project is led by a research based collective of 3 independent dance artists, Natalie Heller , Margarita Zafrilla Olayo and Andrea Puerta.


Past Events


Performance Laboratory Siobhan Davies Studios.


S&H unfolds through a series of theme based Dance Laboratory Events. The first event was held on 21st July 2012 at Siobhan Davies Studios (SDS) and was on the topic of embodiment. It was supported by Independent Dance. Each member of The Collective presented her research through a performance-lecture that was followed by an open discussion. Art and academic researchers were invited to partake either as audience members or as collaborators. Dr. Chrissie Harrington, Head of Arts and Humanities at University Campus Suffolk was the guest audience member, and Dr. Vincent Welsch, Human Brain Researcher at University College London, was the guest collaborator. The event was managed by The Collective and chaired by 

Kirsty Alexander (currently completing a PHD on philosophy of education). 

Performance Philosophy Conference


Spirals & Horizontal Connections was invited to participate at What is Performance Philosophy? Staging a New Field Conference held at the University of Surrey, Guildford in April 2013. The conference was Co-organized by Laura Cull (University of Surrey), Eve Katsouraki (University of East London) and Dan Watt (Loughborough University). The aim of the conference was to explore the scope and diversity of research being undertaken by scholars and practitioners concerned with the relationship between performance and philosophy broadly construed. 



Spirals and Horizontal Connections  is aiming to embark on a year-long collaborations and an annual dance laboratory event to investigate methodologies for sharing, producing and exchanging knowledge. 


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